PreCog -- The Level 2 ESP Trainer

Called by many "The ESP Workout" -- PreCOG offers training in the basic four ESP talents: Pre-Cognition, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, and Telekinesis.

  • Pre-Cognition: The prediction of an event before it happens or knowing something before it occurs.
  • Clairvoyance: Seeing something which is not available to sight in the usual manner.
  • Telepathy: Reading another's thoughts.
  • Telekinesis: Having an effect on operations without direct physical contact.

Available as Instant Download

PreCOG Full Windows App

Instant (exe) download $(9.95)

PreCOG is like a barbells for ESP -- exercising those special attention muscles.

Imagine being able to scan for gifted psychics AND provide training all in one.

But don't get the wrong idea. Just because PreCOG is simple does not mean that it's easy. Even gifted psychics may not reach the 90% ranking without a good deal of work.

If you've wondered whether or not you have "it", give PreCOG a go. Even the shareware version will give you a very strong indicator of where you stand at the moment and it will give you that all important practice necessary for improved ESP performance.

To get started is couldn't be simpler -- just start.

There is no complicated setup, no options to worry about, just install and go.

FYI (for your information): This Windows App was written in C++ about 2004 on a Windows XP. I find it a bit of a miracle that is still runs these many years later -- on Windows 10. I expect that is partially because the app is pretty straightforward. No tricky windows calls. [Note: this app may not run on your windows. I've installed on several computers and it works on those I tested. I did get some strange warnings about this app requires something or other and I should go chase my own tail. That's not the exact error message. But you get the drift. I just ignored my computer and played the program anyway. Admittedly I wrote the program, so I was fairly confident nothing weird would happen. But, hey, you didn't write the app, so you might be more safe and sane and just forget the whole thing. I would respect that choice.

Eventually I will release this as a WebApp -- so it can be played on phones as well as computers. You might want to wait.