Called by many "The Memory Workout", Apperception is designed to improve and enhance your ability to apperceive and unfold the quick flashes afforded you by your own natural ESP abilities.

Apperception does not directly enhance ESP. Apperception has a much more important function -- it will enhance your ability to work with the natural ESP you already have.

Increase your ability to unfold flash visions through exercise and application -- multiply your efforts.

"Easy to use and fun. I use it to develop my psychic talents, my kids use it to just have fun."

"Nevermind the ESP stuff. This is a GREAT memory builder for anyone of any age."

Appercpetion the program is easy to get. You can either download the demo or purchase the Pro version from us.

Available as Instant Download

Apperception Full Windows App

Instant (exe) download $(9.95)

A Note About Apperception

FYI (for your information): This Windows App was written in C++ about 2004 on a Windows XP. I find it a bit of a miracle that is still runs these many years later -- on Windows 10. I expect that is partially because the app is pretty straightforward. No tricky windows calls. [Note: this app may not run on your windows. I've installed on several computers and it works on those I tested. I did get some strange warnings about this app requires something or other and I should go chase my own tail. That's not the exact error message. But you get the drift. I just ignored my computer and played the program anyway. Admittedly I wrote the program, so I was fairly confident nothing weird would happen. But, hey, you didn't write the app, so you might be more safe and sane and just forget the whole thing. I would respect that choice.

Eventually I will release this as a WebApp -- so it can be played on phones as well as computers. You might want to wait.