Introduction to PLS from E.J. Gold:

"You travel along with the rest of your Soul Group whether you earn your way or are dragged along by the momentum of the others. The choice of gracefully performing your Essence Tasks or going through life kicking and screaming and bitching and griping about how unfair it all is is, again, entirely up to you."

"If you intend to carry out your Work Mission here on Earth, you need to get a grip on yourself."

"What I mean is, you need to have a bigger footprint, meaning an awareness of other lives you.ve lived, and technically, are living right now, because time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so."

"After a few PLS Pocket Missions, you.ll wonder why you were ever afraid of death, afraid of life and afraid of failing. You.ve lived and died and succeeded and failed, and here you still are to tell the tale. That.s the bottom line. Here you are to tell the tale."

"When you tell the tale, the memories will come flooding back, and you.ll remember that past life or parallel life in one sweeping flash, then details will start coming back to you as you write your way through the PLS Pocket Mission."

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A few comments

Sometimes we refer to a PLS project as a Parallel Live Survey. And, sometimes we will refer to a PLS project as a Past Life Survey. And on some occasions we might even refer to a Present Life Survey.

All of these are equally vital perspectives on the process. Each type can serve to exercise your special attention. And, more imporantly, each type will serve to broaden your footprint -- giving you a foundation that stretches beyond the horizon of a single life.

Link for Whiteboard Trainer

At the moment PLS is passed on through direct initiation in one of our workshops. We do have one excellent video tutorial that can get you started: View PLS Method WhiteBoard Explainer

If you are interested in a more indepth introduction to PLS, use this link to check out E.J. Gold's full introduction to PLS.

Download PLS Workbooks

Click here to visit IDHHB's PLS pages. This will give you more information and direct links to about a dozen different missions.